Center for Supportive Bureaucracy (Empowering Clerks Network)

CSB offers a variety of services: Forgiver’s Licenses, Joy Permits, Open Carry permits for musical instruments, Racism Release Forms, Refurbished Report Cards, Apology Declarations, OK Parent Award, Village Fool Diploma, Certificates of Recognition, Pain Deeds, Adults Special Achievement Stickers and more. ECN Director Ori Alon walks around 14th Street, offering his services as an Empowering Clerk, as he recently did during the RNC and DNC. Office hours might exceed festival hours. To find Ori’s exact location please text 917-533-4703.


October 7 – 9

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Time, Duration, & Other Cool Stuff You May Need To Know

The Center for Supportive Bureaucracy will be on the move! Ori Alon is traversing the length of 14th Street offering his services.

Saturday, October 8 from 1-4pm he can be found specifically on the south side between Sixth and Eighth Avenue of 14th Street.

Sunday, October 9 from 1-4pm, he can be found on the south side between First and Third Avenue.