Ethereal Ecologies

Ethereal Ecologies is an ongoing series of otherworldly installations situated within the urban landscape, exploring the concept of parallel worlds and the overlooked micro-worlds around us. Fourteen small scale installations are embedded in mundane spaces along 14th Street. A map of the general locations of these sites is available to participants. While hunting for each installation, viewers are taken on a journey that encourages the discovery of new details about the street, neighborhoods, and city that may have previously gone unnoticed, while allowing them to encounter and engage with these absurdly plausible other worlds.


October 6 – 9

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There are fourteen different site specific installations on each block along the length of 14th street. You may find them tucked into a crack in a brick wall, settled just inside a piece of piping, or perhaps growing within the confines of a last remaining telephone booth.
To aid you in your search for other worlds, please visit for a map of the installation sites.
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