Dave Fowler is the WHITEMANINMYPOCKET. He is white privilege – actual size. His miniature stature challenges corporate sanctioned mediocrity. Dave is from Omaha. Dave lives in a cave. But he is also a talisman. A reminder of perception and how its power can be manipulated. WHITEMANINMYPOCKET(S) is a to-scale physical materialization that asks: How is privilege colored by perception?

Kenya (Robinson) has created a virtual army of Daves that will gradually occupy the 14th Street corridor. The artist encourages the talisman to be taken and their whereabouts documented using #WHITEMANINMYPOCKET. The diaspora will be chronicled on social media.


October 6 – 9

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Viewers spotting/taking/transporting Dave Fowler should hashtag his journey and whereabouts at #WHITEMANINMYPOCKET and follow him on Instagram at pocketmandave.